5 Best Money Making Apps in 2018

Hello friends! welcome to my blog where you can explore the world of Android. In this article, I am going to share with you Best money making apps. Yes, you heard that right word, “Best Money Making Apps in 2018 for Android” which is available on Play Store and App Store. Here is the list of top 5 Earning Apps for Android to earn money in your leisure time. Note:- These apps only can make you some money not rich and earning is also not huge. You can use these apps to use your leisure time into some cash. So let’s get started!

Nova Launcher Prime APK Latest Version for Free

⭕Cash Pirate

Best Money Making Apps 2018 for Android & iOS

Best Money Making Apps 2018 for Android & iOS

Do you wanna Earn money by just trying new free apps and games, watching sponsored videos and taking surveys? Then this app is perfect for you to make some extra. This app gives more offers to install and earn in Developed countries Like:- Australia, USA, UK, Canada etc. If you are from Developing countries then you may not get more offers to earn. Using VPN to earn more in this App may cause your account to be banned. If you do online shopping the you can also use Gift Panda App to get some Cash Back, which is also from the same developer or studio called “ayeT-Studios GmbH”. Which is genuinely Paying their users for a long time I am also using this app and getting payment timely.

🔘Install CashPirate

🔘Enter my referral code “IYMHBV” at signup to get the bonus.

🔘You get +50% coins for the first 1000 coins you earn (= 500 coins bonus) and can start making money right away!

🔘Payout methods:- PayPal, Virtual Visa Card, Facebook Gift Card, and Mobile Recharge

Install Kali Linux on Android


Would you like to mine cryptocurrencies with unused phone resources? Earn money by just install this app and start mining. It doesn’t drain your battery and increase heat. Simplest and smart mining App ever in the Play Store.


🔘Enter my referral code

🔘You get a 250 coin bonus by using my referral code and can start mining the most profitable cryptocurrencies for cash rewards

🔘Payout methods:- PayPal, Virtual Visa Card, Facebook Gift Card, and Mobile Recharge

Update: Due to new Policy on Google Play Store about mining app this app is taken down.

⭕WHAFF Rewards

Best Money Making Apps 2018 for Android

Best Money Making Apps 2018 for Android

In this app you just need to install apps watching videos, unlocking screen and giving easy answers in the quiz to earn money. In my view Earning in this app is a little bit tough compared to others but you can try and if you feel easy, then that’s great. Because offers given by this app is little hard to complete than Cash Pirate and MooCash. You need to install and play apps for given time and need to do this on daily basis to get full reward. Low budget phone or having low storage on the device may not run this. Whaff provides more offers to earn in Developed countries as well as restrict to use VPN. You can also install Whaff Locker to earn some money by just unlocking your phone. This app is also genuine☑️ and paying.

🔘Download >WHAFF Rewards

🔘Enter my Invitation code : [ EQ83785 ] and get $0.300!!! for free.

🔘Payout methods:- Google Play Gift card, Facebook Gift card, Xbox Gift card, Karma koin Gift card, Paypal, Bitcoin, Ethereum, iTunes, PSN Gift card, Steam Gift card, Amazon Gift card, Minecraft Gift card, Blizzard Gift card.

Download BusyBox Pro for Free


Best Money Making Apps 2018 for Android

Best Money Making Apps 2018 for Android

Best App I found ever to earn money online. You can Earn money using MooCash just by tapping, Installing new apps, Doing Gigs (Subscribe Youtube channel, Like the video, Share video, posting positive comments or doing a positive review of App/FB pages/Products, Like and follow on social sites etc). As well as you can play games to earn extra. And the great things about this app is you can use VPN to get more offers. It’s officially supporting VPN which is very useful to earn more money. In my opinion, this is the best app to earn money from apps.

🔘Install MooCash

🔘Use my invite code INDHU8 to get some free coins.

🔘Payout Methods:- PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Google Play Gift card, Bitcoin, Amazon Gift card, iTunes Gift card

You can watch this video to know its user interface.

⭕Google Opinion Reward

Best Money Making Apps 2018 for Android

Best Money Making Apps 2018 for Android

Google Opinion Reward is an official app from Google. Which will pay you money for giving your opinion in different surveys. You just need to install and create a account. after that leave the application. You will be notiifed when surveys will available. You can use your Google Play Credit to purchase on Google Play Store, Movies, Books etc.

That’s all Guys. These are the Top apps to earn money online from Android and iOS. I hope you guys will try these apps and share your thoughts on these apps on the comment section below. And Thanks a lot for reading my Article. If something changes or some apps become scam then we will update here. So, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Social Media. Also, don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

Will see you in next post till then bye bye. Happy Earning😊



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