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If your device is rooted, then which app will you download first? In this article, you will get a boss of all applications which are needed in a rooted android device. Actually, without this application rooting your device doesn’t make any sense. Most of the apps which are made for the rooted device need BusyBox binary to be installed to show their magic.

Here, I am going to provide you BusyBox Pro APK Latest Version for Free. Which is the best performing BusyBox Installer right now for Android due to its key feature that can install each binary available on the whole internet. Also, this app doesn’t require an internet connection to install BusyBox.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”home” wrap=”i”] Publisher:Stephen (Stericson)
[wp-svg-icons icon=”info-2″ wrap=”i”] Version:70
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[wp-svg-icons icon=”file-3″ wrap=”i”] Size:4 MB
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If you search this app on the Play Store, you can find a free version and paid version. Where paid version costs around 2.49$. I would like to suggest you support the developer and buy this app if you need it. But if you don’t have bucks to spend on such apps, then I’m here for you. Let’s Explore this app.

About BusyBox Installer

If you don’t know about this BusyBox installer app, then let me know you; This is a software application that provides many standard Unix tools, much like the larger (but more capable) GNU Core Utilities. Busy Box is designed to be a small executable for use with the Linux Kernel, which makes it ideal for use with embedded devices. It has been self-dubbed “The Swiss Army Knife of Embedded Linux.

Install Kali Linux on Android Easy Method

Firstly, this app must be installed on a rooted phone because every app which requires root permission need BusyBox to perform their magic. It’s simple if you have rooted phone then you need BusyBox. Also, you can get many BusyBox installers on the Play Store.

Still, this one is superb because this is the only BusyBox installer app that doesn’t require an internet connection as well as it can install any BusyBox binary available on the internet for Android.

In spite, This one is Fastest, most trusted, and #1 BusyBox installer app currently available on PlayStore. As well as this app has over 20 million downloads and more than 100,000 ratings of 5 stars—similarly an award winner of the best utility software award for Android via Handster. So the app is worth the cost.

BusyBox Pro for free | BusyBox pro APK l Latest Version Download 2018
BusyBox Pro APK – Android Bro


BusyBox is a single small executable that combines tiny versions of many common UNIX utilities. It provides minimalist replacements for most of the utilities you usuallly find in GNU coreutils. For more information visit https://busybox.net


Most applications that use root access need BusyBox to function properly. BusyBox can be useful for developers or power-users since it provides many utilities that Android’s Toolbox does not.


No, you do not need root access to use BusyBox. BusyBox for Android can run in terminal emulator or from ADB shell. However, if you want to install and symlink BusyBox on your system path then root access is required.


The free version is ad supported. The pro version removes ads and adds additional features, like an advanced installer.


Programs included in BusyBox can be run simply by adding their name as an argument to the BusyBox executable:
/system/xbin/busybox ls
More commonly, the desired command names are linked (using symbolic links) to the BusyBox executable. For example just
BusyBox would see that its “name” is “ls” and act like the “ls” program.


Busybox is configured similarly to the linux kernel. Create a default configuration and then run “make menuconfig” to modify it. The end result is a .config file that tells the Busybox build process what features to include. So instead of “./configure; make; make install” the equivalent Busybox build would be “make defconfig, make, make install”.
Busybox configured with all features enabled is a little under a megabyte dynamically linked on x86. To create a smaller Busybox, configure it with fewer features. Individual Busybox applets cost anywhere from a few hundred bytes to tens of kilobytes. Disable unneeded applets to save space, using “make menuconfig”.

The most important Busybox configurators are:
Make defconfig – Create the maximum “sane” configuration. This enables almost all features, minus things like debugging options and features that require changes to the rest of the system to work (such as SELinux or devfs device names). Use this if you want to start from a full-featured Busybox and remove features until it’s small enough.

Make allnoconfig – Disable everything. This creates a tiny version of Busybox that doesn’t do anything. Start here if you know exactly what you want and would like to select only those features.

Make menuconfig – Interactively modify a .config file through a multi-level menu interface. Use this after one of the previous two.

Some other configuration options are:
Make oldconfig – Update an old .config file for a newer version of Busybox.

Make allyesconfig – Select absolutely everything. This creates a statically linked version of Busybox full of debugging code, with dependencies on SELinux, using devfs names… This makes sure everything compiles. Whether or not the result would do anything useful is an open question.

Make randconfig – Create a random configuration for test purposes.

Menuconfig modifies your .config file through an interactive menu where you can enable or disable Busybox features, and get help about each feature.
To build a smaller Busybox binary, run “make menuconfig” and disable the features you don’t need. (Or run “make allnoconfig” and then use menuconfig to add just the features you need. Don’t forget to recompile with “make” once you’ve finished configuring.)

Features of BusyBox Pro APK

Free Features

  • Supports:- ARM and Intel based devices
  • MIPS Support
  • Can install any BusyBox binary available on internet for Android

Pro Features

  • No Ads or Nag Screen
  • Backup Features for safer installs
  • Uninstall Feature if you encounter any issue with installed BusyBox binary
  • Advanced Smart Install
  • Ability to hand pick the applets you want
  • Safety checking for missing applets on start
  • More frequently updates then the free version

Sources for this application

Featured on BusyBox website

BusyBox Source Code

The Developers of this best BusyBox Installer

Currently, I have only a few details of Dev. I will update you as soon as possible after I got more information. Stay in touch for more updates. Here are the details I know.

Offered by: Stephen (Stericson)

Email: stericdroid@gmail.com

Address: 15519 LakePoint Forest Drive Charlotte NC 28278

Website: www.busybox.net

Nova Launcher Prime APK

Download BusyBox Pro APK

How to Install BusyBox Pro APK

Finally, from the download button given above, you can download BusyBox Pro APK from the given link. After Download, make sure to enable unknown source on your android device. If it’s disabled, then you can’t install apk from third party sources. To enable Unknown Sources Go to Setting>Security>Unknown Sources and activate it.

If you are still unable to install then kindly uninstall the previous version or installed version on your device. That’s it now you can use BusyBox installer’s pro features for totally free.



This APK is a MOD version of BusyBox Pro APK, and you will get all the features provided on the original paid version. MOD version means third party developers modded/modified the files of the paid version to work for educational purposes. Therefore we hugely recommend users buy this app officially.

However, the provided app is just for educational purposes. I hope you can understand. If you can’t let me know, I will explain it in detail.

I really appreciate you for reading until the end of this article. Don’t forget to comment on your experience with BusyBox Pro. As well as in the case of any error encountered during installation, then mention in the comment I will surely reply to your comments and try my best to solve.

If you are new to my blog then make sure to enable post notification to get notified when we post an article and update the app to the latest version.Will meet you in next one till then have a Good Day </PeaceOut>

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