Messenger” for Android just got an update where it feature Dark Mode which was really insane and awesome 😍. Your eyes will feel relaxed by seeing dark “Messenger”. If you are iOS users than really sorry to say that currently it was not available for iOS. You need to wait for some days it will be available for iOS also. 

To get Dark Mode Android users just send this emoji ( 🌙 ) to anyone and the messenger will ask you to enable the dark mode, or you can see on the given pictures to know “How to enable Dark Mode on Messenger”

Dark mode on messenger

How to enable Dark mode on Messenger

Hope you get it. If you become success to enable Dark Mode then please let me know on comment section. As well as if you guys are facing some problems and can’t enable then you can also mention on comment section or directly contact me from contact us form or message in our social media pages. The functionality is not available on Facebook Lite but we will let you know when we spot it. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day. Will meet you in next post.😘


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